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almost 2 weeks


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Almost 2 weeks & I don't know if I have radiation neumanitis or pneumonia. The CT & Xrays show pneumonia, but the Drs are most than sure that is rn, since the antiabiotics did not do anything. So I am back on steroids. I am OK if I on't talk a lot & I get SOB easy. How long this things last? pneoumonia o radiation n. The thing is I don't se any changes. The great news is that is not a recurrence.But I would really want to know what is it.

Please let me know if some of you had the same thing.

Have a great weekend

hugs bucky

7/03 dx Stage IB adreno

Only sugery

9/06 recurrence small nodes in the left lung, some in th limph nodes

chemo & radiation same time


chemo 2 rounds of V16 & Cisplastin

3 times Taxotere

Never felt bad only tired until now

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Oh Bucky, I am so sorry your having to go through all this. Sometimes RN (radiation pneumonitis) can last a very long time. But it will cause you to be SOB when you talk and when you walk. But, I'm with you in that they SHOULD find out what it is and treat it right! Stay on them until you get an answer.

Mine lasted about 3 weeks,(the SOB) but I was on steriods for (I think 8 weeks) maybe 10) it's been a while! I know it was at least 8. But mine cleared up after that and I have never had that problem again.

I sure hope your feeling better real soon. Hang in there my friend.

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I remember when Mike had pneumonitis. At first they tried antibiotics with no change, but the CT showed what they said looked like ground glass opacity and they knew it was pneumonitis. His severe shortness of breath was treated with prednisone, starting in high doses and gradually decreasing . It was not an over night cure. It took time, but it did help.


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My radiation pneumonitis was first diagnosed as pneumonia also. When the antibiotics didn't help then they put me on prednisone for 10 weeks. It cleared up all the symptoms but took at least 3 weeks before I felt better. Have your radiation onc talk with the other medical onc to get you started on the steroids.


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