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Neuropathy Help


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My mom asked me to post this for her. She has problems with neuropathy in her feet because of the treatments and she had a broken pelvis a few years ago. Her feet were so sad and sometimes scary to look at. We discovered some things to do to help alleviate the problem and her feet look 200% better! She wanted to share it with all of you.

She has been using a cream she bought off the internet called REX EME, here is the website www.rexemecream.com

Also we got her a foot massager (you know, the kind that you fill with water and it vibrates the water) and put some good soaking salt stuff for feet.

She has alot more feeling in her feet now, they are not swelling like they had been and they look soooooo much better.

I know it will make her happy if she can help some of you.


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That is good it works for your mom. Hope it helps other people.

There is a clinical trial of a drug called Gabapentin for


It has been used for neuropathy for diabetics. The phase II trial I think was back in 1998! Phase III trials are on going. It is unfortunate it takes so long

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I have neuropathy in my extremities from the Cisplatin I took. My feet look just fine , they feel weird also I have some residual weakness in my ankles. My feet definitely like shoes on, no going barefoot anymore, and they prefer the same shoes all the time, they don't like having to get used to different shoes. If my shoes are off and I am sitting in my recliner they wiggle, wiggle wiggle, the doctor says it is there way of searching for information. I don't fall down anymore though. Actually this is minor compared to the "appliance." Donna G

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