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Chemo breaks???


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Just wondered about others experinece taking chemo breaks. How long did you take them and if there was much progression of cancer when you did. How long does chemo keep working afrter infusion anyway???

I have been onthe standard taxotere/carboplatin mix for a total of 13 cycles.

Once a week for 8 weeks during radiation

5 cycles every 3 weeks. Next one 14 days away

Dr. has not mentioned a break yet but I am ready!!! The side effects are getting very severe.


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John has taken a few breaks during his time on chemo, sometimes for vacations and sometimes just to recoup. The doctor has always said it was fine and would not make a difference-- so ask your doctor I am sure it will be fine.

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Do you know how the chemo is working so far? Are you having indications of improvements? My hubby had sclc so I do not know with nsclc but if you are experiencing severe side effects, I would definitely discuss with your doc to see what his plan is so you know what to anticipate at least.

Hope it goes well.


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Hi Jim,

I have been on chemo since June of last year. My doctor gives me lighter doses but do it more often as the side effects don't seem as bad. Heck I even had my hair start to grow back until my chemo was changed in March. My chemo was changed the first time because my tumor had grown slightly the second time was because I asked to have it changed as it was making me to sick. I have only taken a couple of short short breaks. Like missing one week because I was sick. One week because of counts. My doctor has no plans to give me breaks as far as I know. He told me he wanted me to do as much chemo as I could take.


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Hi Jim: Maurice has only had one break & that was from early Oct thru the end of Dec. Onc said previous radiation & chemo still working, so gave him a break, the smaller cancers shrank but the main mass increased slightly.


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