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:D Howdy Y'all!

Sorry I'm late but my visit was hectic and nerve racking but good overall.

I got there on Saturday afternoon and her husband had just an hour before cut off what was left of her hair. She looked terrible and was so weak and I almost didn't recognize her. I held my breath and we hugged and she was glad too see me. It hurt to see her in this condition.

She couldn't sleep very well because she was so nauseated. She had only been home for 2 days from the hospital because of her chemo treatment the weak before. She got so dehydrated and stuff.

Sunday, the next day we took her to emergency because her husband, my brother in law, thought that it was nescessary. So there we went to emergency. Her ONC showed up and told us that her blood counts were up and that is good. However, we told him, what can we do about her appetite. We had mentioned Marinol before but I don't think he was paying attention. She got her room and got settled and we went back to the house. Later on that evening she called and said they gave her a Marinol pill. We all "high fived in the kitchen" lol. It started to work on her right away. A few phone calls later she said she thinks she has the "munchies" and she ate 4, I said, 4 whole crackers! Woo hoo. An improvement. And drinking water.

On top of everything, my nephew, his wife and 3 kids were there to visit also. I'm thinking maybe it was a combination of both. However, regardless. She has an appetite and is eating and she gained 5 pounds back! Her ONC also started her on another anti nausia med called EMEND which is new. They didn't have it at the hospital so we had to get it filled at the pharmacy. So maybe it's a combination of both.

Her blood counts are up. Not perfect but up. She got a couple of bags of platelets when she was in the hospital. That was fun. She had a reaction to it. Kinda scary. She broke out in hives and itchy. It was nasty.

Right now. Today. She is good. Next Monday she gets another CT SCAN and they will do comparisons. Keep your fingers crossed. Today, I am so happy because my sis is happy (as far as I know) and is feeling better. Bless you all and I hope and pray for the best for everyone! Didn't want to keep y'all in the dark for too long. I thought about sending a message earlier but my sis has very slooooowww dial-up.

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