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Getting to Know You - May 14


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Geez....all day and only Larry has posted on this? I really hate to admit this...but you remember that streaking thing? Let's just say the University of Idaho was probably not sorry when I transferred colleges. :lol: What can I say, not much to do in Idaho.

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Well, mine had to do with college, also. I went to a Baptist college and my dorm had two rooms that were on the first floor. It was a huge, colonial type dorm, with a big wrap around porch. The two first floor rooms were huge, so they each had four girls per room. Curfew way back then was 10:00 on weeknights and midnight on weekends. My roomies and I had a really bad habit of raising our window and sneaking out after hours. Well, let's just say that after getting caught 2 times, we all transferred to another school...upon request!

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