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Two Years

Kel M

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Hi all,

I find myself on the eve of the second anniversary of Mom's death and I can hardly believe that two years ago I was keeping vigil over her wondering when her suffering would end.

I remember trying to sleep beside her bed and listening for every change in her breathing. It was a long, long night - but boy, what I would give to just hear her breathe again!!

Like most people, I've found a way to cope and to be happy again. I guess it's become about re-building my life while acknowledging that a very major piece of the puzzle is missing. It can be beautiful and meaningful, but it does feel different. Boy, does it ever. I miss her ever so much.

I also want to thank those of you who supported when I most needed it. I continue to be grateful to you for your wise counsel and your words of encouragement. I lurk on this site regularly and though I post only occasionally, I send you all my love and prayers. This disease can, and will, be beaten.


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:(:) glad you are ok as ok can be. I know its hard. Thoughts and Prayers always for strength and stability.
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It is good to see you here, and to hear how you are doing. I'm glad you're still trudging along, living and thriving.

I so remember that feeling of listening for Mom's next breath... and when I think of that I can't believe it's been almost two years for me too...

But I also know exactly what you mean about finding life to be beautiful and meaningful but so different.

((((hugs)))) to you as you process the two year mark.

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