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I do not know the most efficient way to use the "Search" funtion on this site and after trying a few different approaches I decided I would post here. I think that I have not seen a recent post from "teriw" and of course, as often is the case, I could be wrong. Was wondering how she and Bill are doing. Thanks.

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I heard from Teri via PM on Saturday, and all was ok. Bill was feeling a little better, maybe from the steroid, and was eating better.

When I want to look for something like that, I go to any post from that person, hit "profile" and then hit "all posts from XXX". They will then be displayed in descending order of recency, making it pretty easy for me to see if there have been recent posts. This is probably a backward, left handed way of doing it - maybe someone else has a better method.

Take care!

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Thanks to each of you. Glad to hear Bill is feeling a bit better and will look forward to an update from Teri. I think that backdoor way of finding a post just might work for someone as backwards as I always seem to manage to be. :lol:

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