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good news, bad news,very confusing

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My husband dx in Dec with lung cancer with mets to brain and liver, been through chemo, gamma, wbr, and more chemo, on june6th we had our scans to check progression, Were actually told that there was inprovement and the tumors had shown shrink. So the last week he has been getting progressively sicker with intense pain in the stomach area and very distended. our oncologist sent us for x-ray and it showed mild constipation in the small intestine, and felt this was the cause of the pain, so a few days of laxitives and an enema no relief, this morning i'd had enough and took him to emergency room. they did another cat scan at the same hospital as the first one just a week ago, and not only said there was no improvement but progression in the belly region. they admitted him and put a morphine pump to get the pain under control, I'm calling the oncologist first thing to have them check the scan but has anyone else had this happen, in the span than less than 2 weeks? I know this is a beast but it was just feeling good to have gotten something positive and boom! I would appreciate any experiences that you have had.

Thanks, Loretta

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Loretta, were they specific about that progression in the abdomen? I assume they meant cancer progression - did they mention the liver or any other organ? Tomorrow you ask them to be ask specific as you need them to be so that you feel you understand exactly what is going on. We'll all be thinking of you.

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