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Books and info??

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Can anyone recommend any books about dealing with all this?? I'm going to go look, but I was wondering if any of you all have read anything that has proven really helpful.

I have been sent to counseling at my job. Apparently I haven't been dealing with my stress too well and I am unable to separate what's going on with my Mom and my job. BTW I work in the lab...so that's really tough. Especially when I see problems going on and these people have told me that they are my friends and let them know if they can do anything. And don't forget that my father passed away in December of '06 after a lengthy illness.

Thank goodness for this site...at least I can read about others going through the same thing.

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I have read a lot of them and while there are some good ones

I Beat Cancer: 50 people tell you how they really did it!

Cancer Happens! and Beating Cancer with Nutrition were great.

There was no way that i could be prepared for the whole thing though, the roller coaster of emotions is something that is talked about but cannot be truly understood until you go through it.

This place is really awesome too...you will find a lot of support here from those who are walking in your shoes and it is SUCH a help!

Keep Thinking Positive thoughts!



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Thanks for the replies! I ordered a few from Amazon on caregiving and I'll check out your suggestions...and YES this site is awesome! I have learned so much.

The folks at work just don't understand. But I have been trying to be nicer...and get outside more on my breaks. If I'm not in there, they don't have to ask me about Mom and "open the flood gates" so to speak.

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Bernie Siegel's books saved me too. You should start with Love, Medicine and Miracles and go from there.

Many of the books are on tape (CD) so if you are in the car it is a perfect time.

He also has mediation tapes--I used them A LOT.


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