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Redness mystery continues

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Jim had a bone scan on 6/14, woke up the next am with the right side of his chest bright red, warm to touch, tender. Dr. wasn't sure what it was from, didn't think it was from injection for bone scan, it would have spread all over if a reaction. It has now been 11 days and the brightness has not dimed at all. He has been complaining of pain for a few months along his lower ribs, and there is now an almost dark purple path through the redness along the rib line where he has had pain. The bone scan showed no mets to ribs. Someone has suggested cellulitis. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or any experiences with it? We go back to dr. tomorrow for a follow up. Could it be an infection of some kind? I also heard about a form of breast cancer that almost fit his symptoms to a tee, inflamatory breast cancer. I will ask dr. about this tomorrow also. He did check Jim for lumps in his breast.

Well, went back to dr. on 6/26, still no idea about redness. Sending him to dermatologist. Checked his legs, one swells by nighttime. Did doplar, possible clot, Jim refuses bloodwork and suggestion of blood thinner.

7/5 Went to dermatologist, she is also stumped. Jim insists he has been burned by too many xrays and bone scan, she doesn't think so. Her feeling is possible tumors infiltrating through to the skin. Wouldn't this show in bone scan if it had to go through ribs? Would this type of thing show in a PET scan? She wants to take biopsy from under surface of skin, he refuses. Any one have any thoughts? How do I help someone who won't help himself? He is so set that he has been burnt and the whole medical field is working together to lie to him.

Sorry for the rambling, but I am at my wits end with him and his attitude. I know he doesn't want to go through treatment and I'm fine with that, but don't complain about these other things and not take the dr's suggestions. Any thoughts or prayers are welcome.

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drop a note for Dr West. He frequently checks in on weekends here sometimes. You could Copy and paste this in a pm to him. Good Lucka nd wish I could help but nothing comes to mind.

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Gosh darn it, I'm sorry to hear Jim is still in this kind of pain. Have shingles been investigated? My SIL had a bout of shingles a few years ago and they were quite painful and she was quite red on her face. And ouchy!!

Good luck with the investigation and I hope he gets some answers and relief soon.



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