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non cancer Question.... probably....


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I took my Dad to the ER today ....I thought he was dehydrated... well not too much so....BUT he has elevated cardiac enzymes ....the CK enzyme was in the 1000's normal for men is 25-130.... so now we wonder what is causing it. as of the last blood draw it is dropping....the T enzyme was not elevated at all.... so now he is in telemetry ward being monitored for 23 hrs min.

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I'm truly sorry to hear about your Dad.

The CPK (or CK) enzyme can be elevated if he's having a heart attack, however Troponin is more specific. It can also happen if he fell and hurt himself (muscle damage), if he workes out too vigorously, if he has kidney disease.

He should be seen by a cardiologist. I really hope your Dad will be feeling better in no time.

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yea he is in the cardiac ward.... the cardiologist the Jerkoff brushed me off... told me his heart is the least of his problem..."he has lung cancer right? its spread right? yea his heart is the least of his problems...." WTH kinda response is that?


so his CPK is still elevated up around 600 and his potasium is low and his BUN is high white an red counts are low...

yea I wonder if he fell and didnt tell me... I know he stumbled on the step but according to my older son it wasnt bad....and he has no bruises... time to re-evaluate I guess

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Wow, I do believe Dr. Jerkoff would have needed a stethascope to find his stethascope had he said that to me.

Not that it was SO offensive, but methinks he has watched too much ER. Dramatic delivery is npt a virtue, compassion is.

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Please DO complain! Dr. Jerkoff needs to pull his head out and realize your dad is more than "a cancer patient". :roll::roll:

**Deep breath**

Sending prayers that he improves quickly and it's something as simple as a fall that he's kept to himself!!! I'm glad they have him in telemetry, though. Let it give you some peace of mind, too!

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I despise doctors with attitudes like that... :evil:

Lately I've conjured up a "look" I give them, that says everything, without me having to speak a word. :wink:

Did your dad have radiation? They told us that the radiation would damage Harry's heart...There was really nothing they could do about it though, since he HAD to have the radiation.

I hope your dad starts feeling better super quickly.


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