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Hi All..

Just wrapped up today, 5 sessions of radiation to tumour in my spine. No side effects (but was told I would not have any due to limited amount of treatment). Should begin to show improvement with pain in 2 weeks' time.

Saw my other oncologist on Monday last and he said 2 things: we will look closer at this tumour to see if surgery is an option (he has scheduled an MRI) and secondly, scans of adrenal glands show no change from last scans taken and as he is not 100% sure there is tumour activity there, he wants to wait (no chemo) and do another scan in 2 months from now.

So, good news on the adrenal side...and some testing and waiting for further news on the tumour in my spine.


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Thanks for posting! Cute picture. Whenever I see your name I hear Linda Ronstadt singing Blue Bayou.

My husband was also told they thought the cancer had gone to his adrenal glands but they were just enlarged. I hope the same for you. Best wishes.

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Thx Terrie and Ry.

By the by, i didn't know Linda Rondstadt sang Blue Bayou. I have LOVED that song since one of my favorites, Roy Orbison, sang it. Thx for the compliment on the picture. Took me forever to try and figure out how to do it..then it took my lovely daughter all of five minutes to make it happen :-)

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So glad you did not have side effects from the radiation---bet you are glad it is done though----very good news about the adrenal glands too!!! Hoping you get great results from your scan in two months----also that the MRI shows good news---(a little strange to wish for negative results--- but negative will be positive for you)

love your picture

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I see from your signature that it took some time for you to get treated. My dad was diagnosed in April but didnt start anything until July...and I thought Canada had a decent medical system! I have seen people on this site begin treatment within THREE weeks of diagnosis.

Anyways, sorry had to vent, I am glad to hear that you have wrapped up radiation and I am sending my positive vibes your way!!


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