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Hi. I think I told all of you about my Mom and the shape she is in now. She has pnemonia in both lungs, fluid around her heart , the oncologist and lung dr said the tumor is taking up most of her left lung now and has paralized her vocal cords so she cannot talk. My mom is 76, but a very young 76. She is amazing. She was diagnoised in Feb 03. Had radiation every day for 8 weeks and did chemo one day a week. She was in hosp three times for pnemonia (sp?) during that time. She went from 120 to 93 lbs. The PET scan after her treatments ended showed hot spots for cancer. Even after all of this she went back to work that she had to drive 30 miles one way. She is 76 and did this, not because she had to but because she wanted to. I love her so much. Oncologist now wants to do a stronger chemo, he said it will not prolong her life, but will help her to breathe easier. Lung dr wants to run a tube thru her mouth into lung and do a 4 hr radiaiton treatment to burn some of it away to help her breathe. Surgeon may want to drain fluid from her heart on Fri. What do all of you think? I am afraid she is too weak for all of this. She wants to do the chemo. She wants to fight. I just am not sure that if she only has a little time left that she should do all these things that make her so miserable. I told her it is her choice, I can't possibly decide for her. I hope she gets a miracle. She is one strong woman. I just love her.

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Im so sorry for what you are going through. The procedure you explained sounds like brachytherapy. Im not sure though, but I had researched something like that. I know how much you love your mother, it sounds like how I feel about my wonderful father. Just sending you a (((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))

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Marylou, I notice by your post that your mom is on Iressa. You should be aware that in a small number of people on Iressa, they get pneumonia as an allergic reaction. If your doctor is not aware of this, you should point it out. My wife was on Iressa for four weeks and got double pneumonia as a result. When she was taken off the medicine, she began to improve. They treated her with steroids and she got better. She was in the hospital for two weeks and then in rehab for alomost two weeks. She has fully recovered. It is worth checking into, and don't let the doctor dismiss your info until he has checked it out. My daughter went on the FDA website and found out the info for us and the doctor. Don

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