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Yes, Larry, I absolutely do. The first time I saw a "ghost" was just after my oldest son was born. We had just brought him home from the hospital. I was spending a few days at my mom's house. His bassinet was right beside my bed. I woke up during the night to feed him, and there was my grandmother, who passed away when I was 5, standing over the bassinet with a big smile on her face. She said nothing, just smiled and then exited the room, going through the wall. The next morning, I told my mom about this and even described what my grandmother was wearing. My mom looked as if she was going to pass out. She told me that the outfit I described was what my grandmother was buried in. I am able to recall nothing about my grandmothers funeral or any details.

Since that occurence, I have had many experiences with departed freinds and family. For a time, Dennis appeared to me but now, I just have little happenings but feel his presence in the house often.

Dennis was a ham radio fanatic. He could transmit Morse Code at a lightening speed. I was in the tub the other night and heard Morse Code coming through the A/C vent in my bathroom. My son said he has also heard Morse Code. I just wish we could translate it!!!

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I too believe in Ghost,i've had some very scarry moment's and so far none i knew. But my Grandfather who was married for 44 year's to Grandma just as i was to my wife and my Wife passed at 62 and so did my Grandma.Well anyway my Grandpa had severe enphysymia and after my Grandma died he was having a bad spell and it had weakened him so much he was unable to reach his oxygen mask when all at once my Grandmother appeared to him and told him he would be OK.Almost as quickly as she said that the preacher from there Church came running into the House and helped Grandfather get his mask on and then after he was feeling better told him that something had woke him up and told him he needed to hurry as fast as he could to my Grandpa's house as he needed help.My Grandfather told him then of about my Grandmother appearing. And Ann if Dennis send's slower code i can maybe copy it for you so next time you hear it record it and send it to me........Larry (yes i'm a Ham radio op also)...

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