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Advice Which Can't Be Forgotten


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I would highly recommend if you suspect, or are undergoing a workup for lung cancer, that you request, each time, a copy of all of your medical records (labs, clinic notes, interpretations) and then you have someone you trust research the information so you can ask questions and be well informed about your situation.

I can tell you from first hand experience, when my friend Ron went to the doctors for follow up, they would sugar coat the situation. It was not until I demanded him to get the reports and I researched what was in them that they probably mentioned 10% of the report. And, it's also important for you to demand all the reports be explained to you in full in language you understand.

For instance, as an example, the PET scan, per the doctor, came back "showing some 'hot spots' here and there". Well, when we read the four page interpretation, there was a lot more to it that that.

And, also, do your research prior to visits. I would research and have questions (which I already knew the answers to prepared) for our visits. When I asked the questions, if I heard back an answer which I didn't find in my research, I would keep drilling and drilling. We saw nearly 15 doctors over the past nine or ten months and, sadly, I can tell you that only 2, yes, that's right, 2 of them knew what they were talking about; went over information with the patient and respected the other individual who was there with him: myself.

If a doctor doesn't give the person who is with the patient the respect, the courtesy to ask questions and make you feel welcome, then, you should find another doctor. If a patient brings someone with them, it's because that patient wants that person there and that person is an important part of his/her life. The doctor owes the person respect as well as the patient and the questions should all be answered.

I will post a list of questions which I asked. You may find them helpful.

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Thanks for your post, this will certainly come in handy for alot of people.

I agree 100% with alot of what you have said. If there is one message that I would like to get out to people it is that they need to be responsible for their own health care. Time after time I speak to people (not even cancer related) who tell me they have gone to the doctor for something and they aren't satisfied with what the result was. When I ask them if they told the doctor that or if they are going somewhere else, they just say, "well, he's the doctor, I'm sure he knows". NO!!! Doctors are not psychics, sometimes they don't know. Or they aren't taking the time, or it could be a million other reasons.

My original doctor that found my cancer used to have no problem saying, "you know, I don't really know, I'm going to have to make some calls". The fact that he admitted that he DIDN'T know everything, actually made me feel more comfortable with him.

Anyway, thanks for the reminder!

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Debs onc used to get on one knee when he talked to her. That is a sign of respect. THats why I trusted him so very much. Thanks for the advice about visiting the Onc's office

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Hello My hubby had a spindle cell cancer mass in to his spine right lower lung, 5 ribs . chest walls and nerves 9 yrs ago,, With a yearly cat scan ,, this one in Aug 07,, and a biospy on the new lessions yes there is lung cancer,, Will see the cancer dr on wed the 19th,,, Looks like we are gfacing something new here,, also he has enlarge chest lymph nodes,, Ant adivce on what question to ask ?

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