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started chemo


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Drove to hospital thursday 10/25/07 to start chemo. Not used to driving in the dark or the rain anymore and it was both. They have valet service for parking for outpatients at no charge. Next time I will leave later and be late so I can drive in daylight. Doesn't seem to make any difference since I had to wait so long for the pharmacy.

Took 1/2 hour to admit me and then walked to chemo room. I had to wait till 10 am before they actually started to treat me. Took that long for pharmacy to make up my meds. They started me on saline solution and pre meds which included steroids, benadryl, antinausea and some other things. I was supposed to get Taxol and Avastin. The taxol itself took 3 hours and wasn't started until 12:00 noon.

They gave me a small breakfast after starting the first meds, fed me lunch which was surprising good: pot roast, roasted sweet potatos, and fresh asparagus, soup and fruit cocktail and tea.

I had no idea I would be there all day since my other treatments only last 2 to 3 hours at the most.

See oncol on Wednesday for blood test and possible he will schedule another chemo treatment then a CT scan to see if it is working or not.

Called oncol office today with a question and got this receptionist who I think needs lessons in bedside manner. She's been there for years but doesn't seem to like me. The previous visit I just refused to wait for her to schedule me since makes me wait 15 or more minutes and she is pissing me off so I walked out and called 3 days later for my next appointment. She was a lot nicer when I called. I found out one of the nurses in the chemo is her friend . Not happy about that. But can't complain since nothing really went wrong except little things bothered me once I got home and thought about them. Hate to change oncol but I may have to.

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I would mention the receptionists behavior to the doctor. You have enough going on without her being rude to you. You are not doing anything wrong to tell someone.

When Rod has chemo we are there for 7-8 hours. We forgot the decadron once and had to wait for the Dr. to finish at the hospital to give orders for it in the chemo room. We were there 1 1/2 hours longer than we would have been. I won't forget the decadron ever again.

I am hoping everything goes very well for you.


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At least with me, the first dose of Taxol was given over a longer time frame then in subsequent chemos, they shortened up the infusion time. This is to see if you are going to have any reactions to it (which I did). So hopefully, next time you go, at least that part will be shorter.

I agree - you should tell your doctor about anyone who is being rude to you. We all have enough on our plates that we do not need or deserve someone being insensitive.

Patti B.

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