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mom is back in the hospital


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I am new here and my mom was just diagnosed with ext. stage SCLC (in her right & left lung, lymph nodes, liver, adrenal glands & pelvic & back bones). It has been rough. She had pneumonia & was in the hospital for 8 days. She got home, was on oxygen & seemed to be doing alright. Now she is back in the hospital with possible blood clots. She was supposed to start chemo today but now has to wait because the pneumonia is not completely gone & they don't want to start chemo till they can get that better. I guess I'm just being impatient. I am NEW to all this & I guess I don't know what to expect. I read all these inspirational stories but I don't know if my mom will be one of those. Everytime we take a step forward, it's like we are pushed 5 steps back. I know she is going to have good days & bad days but she is my mom & I want her to be around for awhile. I'm about to give her, her first grandchild in 2 months & I'm scared crazy she won't be around to see her. I want to tell her how much I need her to fight this but I don't want her to suffer.

If anyone has any words that will help me make sense of everything, I would reall appreciate it.

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I wish I could tell you something that would help you make sense of it all. But when someone we love is going through this, it never makes sense.

None of us ever knows what to expect when going down this road. People's experiences can vary quite a bit, even when stage and treatment plans seem similar. But we can all relate to the feelings of fear, anger, sadness, and confusion that we face when our loved ones are ill. So keep coming back here. You don't have to do this alone.

I will be sending positive thoughts for your mom's recovery from pneumonia so that she can begin her treatments.


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I'm sorry you had to find us, but glad that you did.

I'm also sorry for your Mom, and that she is having such a rough time.

Like Nyka said, it's very hard to watch someone that you love, struggle with this disease.

It makes it even worse, to not know what to expect, because there are some people that whiz right thru their chemo treatments and go into long remissions, (or are even cured!), and there are some, like my husband, who have a rough time with certain types of chemo meds.He has good days, rotten days, and in-between days too.

The people here are the very best, so please come back when you have questions, or just want to talk.

Take care, and nice to meet you,

Prayers going up for you and your family,


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Hi- I'm glad you found this site. My Mom also was DX Last Sept with Small Cell Ext-Liver, Adrenal 9cm mass in lung. If you read her time line below it's been a struggle but well worth it. She is still here and going strong. We can just take things one day @ a time-I learned that if you think about your loved one dying all the time you will go crazy. Read her the inspirational stories on here to give her hope. With a new grand child on the way she has all the reason in the world to stay positive and fight it.

Keep us posted and PM me anytime


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