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Pain control


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Robin, first can I please ask you to update your PROFILE for us. It's so helpful for us to HELP YOU if we know where your at today in your journey.

As for pain meds, I was on a Fentenal Patch but I never got sick from it. I was on it after my last heart surgery. ALWAYS, ALWAYS call your doctor and tell them (or Nurse) that your having pain problems and that your pain medication is NOT working.

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I'm sorry that you're having pain, but glad that you are willing to have meds for it.

My husband has had the fentanyl patch for two different stretches of time, and had no real problems with it. Like you, he did have stomach problems with oral pain meds. He found the patch very helpful for the pain.

Why not give it a try and see how it goes?

Take care! MC

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