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Gratitude - November 6th 2007


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Rainy Tuesday,

snow may be next

but I live in a cold


Today I'm grateful to

Dr. Myhal, he is one of the

two rheumatologists in private

practice in this province of Canada.....

Not a medical line that interest

medical students even with an ageing


He has cancer and reaching retirement

but will keep going as long as he can

so we get used to cancelled appointments

and welcome him back after he gets his own


A day that started by my family doctor

getting mad at me because the medication

he prescribed did not work.....and cumulated

by a few doors slamming while I was crying

from pain.

Finished by a visit to Dr. Myhal office to

be given the needed papers to get epidural

injections (corticosteroids) for my back.

Appointment for Wednesday for the schedule

needed to get them finally.

Again grateful that in the States you

have the right, power and possibility

of changing doctors when you need to.

We are denied that right in Quebec

and each day part of the news are about

the Health system and cases worst than


Sorry for the length of this post.

Have a good day.


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Today I am once again grateful for my employers who, when I told them I had to start chemo again, asked only what they could do for me. It sure is a load off my mind to know that my job does not have to be a worry in all this. My prayers are with all those that aren't as fortunate in this regard.


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