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Getting back on path....


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Wow I never want to go through that again.

When I last saw my Doc on Oct 15th I had been on

Tarceva for 15 days. Breaking out with acne like

symptoms was a understatement. My face, across my

nose etc had just became a collection of open sores,

swelling, and downright gross sight. Doc suggested going to 5 days a week on and two off.

Well on to

second chapter of this nervous breakdown. We had been planning a move to the Dallas Fort Worth area due to the fact the wife can no longer drive and

when I went down due to side effects of second go

around with chemo it became evident that rural

living wasn't going to get it. Plan A get a place

in new area and send wife down with daughter who lives in area. Then I would hold out in Mo until

we got the place sold. Well plan A didn't work. I

just mentioned we would be selling to the postman

and next day had offer on the place. Now all hands

on deck, find a place, box up the old place, get a

mover and get gone. OK not to belabor the point but

this also meant doing all the things required to become

a texan. That meant meeting people in public looking

like something Halloween made famous. It also meant

cutting ties with doc and onco team in KC VA. So I

went off Tarceva around the Oct 15th area. After two

weeks face began to respond.

Well now I think we are mostly settled and its time to find a new onco team. We are really about 45

miles east of Dallas so I quess checking with VA

there is next task.

Right through all of this I have been having pain

in the buttocks area so bad can't sleep. I suppose

inactivity had a lot to do with this. I wasn't a

lot of help during move due to SOB and weakness.

It seems standing and laying down are best relief

but I know that just makes the problem grow. Anyway

that is the first thing I will address with new team.

That and getting back on Tarceva. Last Cat scan showed little growth on Oct 15.

I realize this maybe just a rant on my part but

wanted to get back in the mix now that we have

INTERNET access again.

Check with you guys later.

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Holy Moly, just reading that post made me tired! :wink: Rant away, that's what we're here for.

Sorry you've had so much going on at once. But I'm glad you're settled in now so you can focus on your health again. I hope you find a great onc close by.

Best wishes to you in your new home.


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