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Update on my Mom


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Mom spent 12 long days in the hospital a few weeks ago. Her heart started racing and then she was having trouble breathing. She was put on the heart floor at the hospital and a few new heart meds. She got a chest tube and then a pleurodesis which was excrutiatingly painful. The oncologist said the pleural effusion didn't get any better either. She went home without O2 but got it the next day when she started moving around had having SOB. She's also been having pain on her side underneath where the chest tube was...she says it's where a nurse ripped off the tape but I am skeptical. I sure hope that's it but I'm scared it's not just that. She is in ALOT of pain but she says it's a burning, stinging pain and comes and goes. And now she's all swollen. I had to go get bigger shoes this week. I finally got through to her PCP to change up the heart meds and the oncologist put her on lasix. She is going to start topotecan the week after Thanksgiving. She was doing so well and everyone hoped she was going to be one of the ones that beat this. :cry:

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Don't underestimate the tape pain. I wore a band-aid the other day and now I have blisters and raw spots everythere the tape was. Covered that with gauze and paper tape and got blisters from the paper tape! It also sounds like she may have shingles. It is fairly common in people with compromised immune systems. I'd check with her Dr because it can be very painful if not treated.

Best of luck,


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Yes! Shingles! That's what I think! I know that you can have it without the pustules. There are red marks back there but not blisters. She won't hear of it though--and she's had them before. She didn't even mention the pain to either doc. I had to bring it up to the oncologist and he just wanted to see the chest tube site to check for infection. He mumbled something about necrotic tissue asked how often the bandage had been changed and had his nurse change it. We're supossed to be watching for infection. That's what I've been doing!! :x

Now all she does is sleep. From the Lortab?? I'm also worried about her digoxin levels. I just don't know. But thanks for the kind words guys.

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