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Needs Phlebotomy due to high hemoglobin. Ever heard of this?


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Bump. Bump.

Maurice's hemoglobin has been steadily rising all year. Last month it was over 18 and he had to go back in and have a pint of blood taken. Same thing happened again this week as hemoglobin was 17.4 The onc has ordered this done once a month for the next 3 months. I've never heard of this. Has anyone else? I find it unusual especially in view of the fact that he's on Avastin where bleeding is usually the main issue. Will also be posting the question to Dr. West but wondered if you all had ever heard of this. Thanks..


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I have never heard of this. Was he ever on EPO (procrit) for anemia?

the article below says pulmonary fibrosis can cause high hemoglobin. It can be caused by COPD also.

I would guess that COPD is causing it.

hemoglobin transports the oxygen in the blood I don't think it is related to blood not clotting/Avastin but I don't know for sure.

http://health.yahoo.com/blood-causes/hi ... 30A82.html

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