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Gratitude - November 26th 2007


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start of the week

for all, but the last week

of November.

Next will be December a month

to finish the year,

a month when it is so easy

to say ''Love you all'',

a month when wishes are made,

a month when we are granted good wishes.

Grateful for the good day I had,

the reading I did at night

after wrapping some gifts and

grateful that the pile is much

bigger this year, more friends

made during the year.

Have a good week



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I am thankful for my little dog's playmate, Holly. I keep her each weekday morning for about 4 hours. She and PJ make me smile and laugh outloud.

I am observing how they enjoy everysingle minute of their time together and never sit and mope anticipating the time Holly must go home.

I am taking notes and trying to live my days for each moment vs. worrying and stewing over what has been or what yet may be.



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I am grateful that I have most of my projects caught up and can spend the next two weeks packing for my trip and enjoying my home. I am looking forward so much to time with my family and grateful that I will be spending the holidays with them.

I am also grateful that I have my home and friends here to come back to.

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