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Third Round of Chemo for SCLC

Peggy Harrison

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:( My husband has SCLC and is going through his third round of chemo. Has anyone had any experience with SCLC that has come back for a third time? The first two times, remission was achieved through chemo. It was extensive stage and after first remission came back in lungs and brain. Radiation to brain was successful. If you have had this experience, please let me know what treatment was used, how you reacted and if it was successful. My husband is very weak, losing weight and appetite. Thank you for any help. -- Peggy
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Peggy, I am sorry no one has answered yet - I am new to this, still in first line, but, yes, there are third and fourth lines for sclc, I just do not know what they are yet.

If you look at some of the profiles of the longer term members of the community you can see some of the variations of chemotherapies.

In addition, depending on how long it has been since your husband has had first line, if he had a strong response to it, he may be able to have that same chemotherapy again, however, it does depend on how long ago that was...

Hopefully one of the veterans will come along to give you a better answer...

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My husband was dx'd in April 06 with LD-SCLC. He underwent 6 cycles of Carboplatin/Etoposide and 35 radiation tx's to chest. It was determined at that time that he was NED (no evidence of disease) he then had PCI and one month after that we found out he had mets to his bones. He then started on Topotecan and then Topotecan/Carboplatin. His cancer progressed while on those meds. He then had one treatment of Gemzar and then radiation to his pelvis and other areas. Again, his scans in late October showed significant progression in several areas including his liver. He is now on Carboplatin/Taxol. More scans are scheduled, but between you and me, I'm just not convinced that these treatments will improve the situation any.

He caught a bug and has been sick for 2 weeks. He's trying so hard to get better. He's so weak and eating little and losing weight. But he's still fighting and that is what counts.

PLEASE, keep in mind, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. There are folks here, on this board, who were diagnosed with ED-SCLC and are still hanging in there and cancer free. Please read some of the stories in the SCLC section. CindyRN/Geri and more.

Blessings to you and your husband. Just try and be strong and believe.

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I don't have personal experience with this, but I spoke with a UCLA researcher who told me that he had a patient on a chemo called Sorafenib. This patient was having a very good response -- it was his third line treatment for ext. sclc. If you need more information (like the doctor's name), please PM me.

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Hi my Mom was DX with Ext Sept/06-10 cm mass lung, adrenal, liver. May it was found in her brain-had WBR-then in July back in liver. Her 2nd line treatment didn't work-the tumor grew in her liver - they radiologist did radiation to her liver since it was gone from lung and brain. Right now she is stable.

There are plenty of chemo regimens they can try until one works....

Hoping for the best for your husband.


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