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Chemo care packages?????


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Guess it depends on whether she's a reader. If so, good books or magazines and bottled water are two things that come to mind. A little pocket calendar to put her appointments in maybe. How about some soups for when she's not up to cooking?

At our cancer center they have all kinds of snacks and drinks available and little TV's so each person could watch TV if they wanted to. They also had some great magazines. All we brought were books to read. I noticed one woman brought her own quilt to cover up in.

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What about a journal too...for her to write down her thoughts or items relating to her doctor appointments. There is also the book, Chicken Soup for the Cancer Survivors Soul (I think that is the title). And maybe a CD, if she enjoys music. One of the things I did for my mom was to ask friends and family to send me an inspiring quote and/or story. I printed them all out and made a book for my mom to look at during chemo or anytime she was having a tough time.

ps. I really like your new picture!!

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The only other thought I had was maybe some hard candy, sometimes the chemo leaves a funny taste in your mouth. Wrapped hard candy, rolls of life savers, stuff like that.

The open and eat soups sound like a great idea.

Also reading material. Maybe crossword puzzles, if she likes that stuff.

Maybe a small pillow like on airlines.

And I know having your own chemo blanket can be really really nice.

(And I had my chemos in the summer!!)...

That's a nice thing to do for someone. Just remember to keep it light if it is supposed to go everywhere with....


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