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Relative surviving for 7 years and counting


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We just learned that my Mom has two suspcious nodules on her lung. She has many other lung problems so operating or getting a biopsy might not be an option. We are in the beginning stages of finding out what's going on and doing research. I'm glad there's a good news section because truthfully I'm falling into a depression reading how bleak everything is.

Anyway, for my good news....I have a distant relative who was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer 7 years ago. He's in his late 50's or early 60's. He traveled from Florida to Texas for treatments when he was first diagnosed. I just met him recently and couldn't tell at all that he was even sick let alone that he has cancer. He is someone who laughs a lot and seems to really enjoy his life and family.

There's always a possibility for hope and survival.

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Welcome, sorry we have to meet this way. You will find a lot of caring and helpful people here. You will find a lot of information about LC here and the experiences of the members. Let's pray that the tests come back okay and your mom doesn't have LC. Please let us know how your mom is doing and stay strong.

I just wanted to say, this is great news about your relative and LC. If you have additional info about him to share with the members here that would be great. We always like to hear about people who have survived this disease. It gives us a lot of inspiration and encouragement. What their treatments have been and etc... Maybe you could tell him about this forum and he could share his experiences.

I will be thinking and praying for you and your mom.

God Bless


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