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"Lhermittes Syndrome"


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Anyone ever hear of this one???

(Like we don't have enough to contend with.....)

My oncologist told me today that the symptoms I described to him actually have a name: "Lhermittes Syndrome". It's apparently caused by radiation. Here's what it is:

When I walk (not just walking around the house or work, but actually walk a few blocks, or walk on the treadmill), if I bend my head down, I get a weird zinging kind of numbness that goes all the way down to my feet. (Not good while walking on the treadmill! The first time it happened I thought I was having a stroke or something!) After a few minutes of ending whatever activity I am doing, the numbness sensation subsides and I can bend my head/neck down without getting that feeling. And -- if I walk on the treadmill and focus on keeping my head UP, it doesn't happen . . .only when bending my head down. . . .so strange.

In any event, he says that this, while not common, is "normal" and is caused from the way the radiation hits the spine. Supposedly temporary..... :roll:

Anyone else ever have/hear of this? Couldn't really find much information on the web.

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Haven't seen a name for it, but can tell you that when I walk (around the block, at work, etc.) for any distance, I get tingles in my legs and feet and by the time I get home from the walk, toes/feet are numb....

Dunno, according to my doctor, circulation is great, no reason for tingles...

Will voice a question regarding this, though...


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Thanks so much for the info, we can always count on you to point us in the right direction! I did find some helpful websites. Sounds like it usually happens 3 months after radiation (if it is going to happen) and last about 6 months. If that is the case, I should be halfway through!

Ms. Snowflake -- definetely check with your doctor -- sounds similar to what I was experiencing, but next time you notice it, see if it is happening when you bend your neck down!

(Perhaps we should all walk around looking up at the sky....) :wink:

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I did a search and everything I read mentioned MS or trauma to the cervical cord as causes....until I read this:


Yet another one of those "small percentages" that we all seem to be falling into..."a small percentage of smokers develop lung cancer" "a SMALLER percentage of non-smokers develop lung cancer" "a small percentage exhibit no further episodes of lung cancer" etc., etc., etc.

I used to ENJOY being above average, now I think it sucks! :wink:


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