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Update on Dad


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Well its been a while since I've posted anything about my father...we all had a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year! Dad is now taking Tarceva and drinking the Essac tea (2x a day) he hasn't lost weight since his diagnosis but lost about 20 pounds prior to that. He is losing a lot of muscle tone so it really makes him look like he has lost weight. His spirits remain ok...not the greatest...he's always been such and optimist and now I guess he is more of a realist...I'm really worried about my mom because she can't sleep...she can't take sleeping pills because they seem to have the opposite effect...know she worries about Dad and he worries about her...we all worry about each other! One thing our families(4) are all trying to get home more and spend more quality time with mom and dad and each other...so that is the one good thing that has happened. To bad it takes something like this to open our eyes. Anyway I have good news in that my youngest daughter is getting married in June and I hope and pray that dad will be doing good...after the wedding we have a family vacation at the beach...dad is really looking forward to that, he loves the beach and we are on the ocean so that is special too...so we continue on this road with lots of hope and many prayers. God is good and I sure hope He will heal my father! If healing is not in His plan then we trust Him to get us through all of this. But there is no doubt in my mind that He is not with us though all of this. I know He is holding us up because I just can't imagine life without HIM! Love and prayers to you all! God Bless.


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Debbie, thank you for your update on your Dad and your family. Sorry that your mom is having a hard time sleeping . Hope she can find something she can take to help that... maybe a glass of wine before bedtime? It's good to hear that you are finding good quality time together and I will say prayers for your family. May everything turn out perfectly for your daughter's upcoming wedding and your family beach trip. Keep us updated.

God Bless,


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