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Lung Cancer and Stroke


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I am hoping that someone out there can help me. My younger sis (48) has been battling nsc lung cancer since May 2002. This past summer it metastisized to her brain. Radiation and gamma knife boost given.

Last week she had a two month followup with the neurosurgeon who did the gamma knife treatment. A good report that no new cancer and the lesions were either gone or shrunk. Scheduled to repeat in two months.

Two days later she suffered a stroke and now has aphasia (difficulty understanding and communicating). No physical side effects.

Has anyone else known of cancer and stroke incidences? We are sure that this must have something to do with either the chemo, radiation or gamma knife boost. She is still at the Detroit Medical Center undergoing tests to determine what caused this stroke. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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I am sorry to say that has been a topic of discussion here lately. When you have lung cancer the tumor makes you at high risk for blood clots. Many find out that they have lung cancer because they get blood clots. There is a ribbon recently about Coumadin vs Levenox for treatment. Some doctors even put there lung cancer patients on a preventative regime. Sorry for your sister. I hope her speech comes back for her . Keep us posted. Donna G

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So sorry for all that is happening to your sister right now. I have never been involved with this stroke problem but have been reading about blood clots. Can only assume it came from one of those. Was she on Iressa at anytime? I know I have read about people having blood clots who were taking Iressa. Will keep you both in my prayers.

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My hubby Randy had a stroke. That is how we found out he had the cancer. It was only when he had the stroke that the doctors looked to see what was the problem and why he had been having blood clots developing for over two months. It took a stroke to get us into the emergancy room where someone decided maybe we should see why he is having a stroke.

We had been going to the doctors for 5 months before that just because he did not feel good and had pain in his right shoulder. They at first said it was a pulled muscle. I am a massage therapist and could not touch or relieve the pain so I knew something was wrong. But of course the doctors knew it all and never did any tests to disprove what I thought. Even when I asked why he had baseball size swelling under his arms. They looked at me like I was nuts and I was not a doctor so what did I know.

Be an advocate and fight for the treatment you sister needs. Take notes, ask questions and if they don't give you answers you understand scream and holler til they do. Make the doctors accountable for the job they do.

I will pray for you both to have the strenght to get through this awful time.

Keep your eyes open, miralces happen every day. They may be small but nonetheless, they are miracles.


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