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CT/chest x-ray-effective?


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Hello again. You guys were so great answering my first question I thought I would try again.

I have read many of your stories and you are an amazing group of people who have gone through so much more than me. My journey has seemed fairly straight ahead so far and I get overwhelmed when I read your stories and all the different things everyone has gone through.

So get on with it lady right..here's my question:

Can a CT scan and chest x-ray really tell if cancer is gone from the lymph nodes?

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X-ray's are a waste of time. CT can find nodules I don't believe CT's are used for lymph nodes although they can detect enlarged lymph nodes. Muriel is right about the PET scans. However, Nothing is 100%.

Here's a webesites you might want to read over.

http://www.radiologyinfo.org/en/info.cf ... yct&bhcp=1

http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/comp ... f-the-body

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Sorry I do not have any answers to your question. Just wanted to welcome you to this site where members have a wealth of information both from experience and their own personal research.

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