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Using Avastin with hx of PE


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My mom has now had 2 tx with Carbo/Taxol, tolerated well. She is on cumadin for a pulm. emb. and being a Nurse Practitioner myself, I was very keen to have her have the option of Avastin as well (my father in law survived 6 yrs with stage 3-4 NSCLC, used Avastin in the trial phase-had ruptured intestines to put it bluntly, but he lived much longer than they expected)

After reading the "Moss Report" on Avastin , it doesn't sound that rosey actually. Not the results according to many "studies" that I had been hearing,or hoping for.

My sister in law has glioblastoma (brain tumor), and despite her having blood clots in her leg, on blood thinners, she is taking Avastin in combination.

So...my real question is...how many of you, despite having clotting issues, where put on Avastin, and how is it going? Thank you so much.....Debbie :)

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The concern our doctor had was that Avastin caused bleeding. I had the feeling that it was more of a blood thinner than something that would cause clotting. So I would think you'd want to be monitored closely if you were on a blood thinner and Avastin and watch your clotting factor closely. You can ask Dr. West at www.onctalk.com -- good luck.


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My hubby had no hx of any blood disorders and was in a trial of Tarceva/Avastin. The initial concern was bleeding, however his hemoglobin started creeping up a little each month and he ended up having to have phlebotomies to bring it down. Last month a blood clot was discovered during a routine CT Scan and he was hospitalized for 2 days (see profile below) He was put on Coumadin and Lovenox and even though the drug company sponsoring the trial said it was ok for him to continue, our onc removed him from the trial saying she was not comfortable with him participating in it.

On the other hand most people find Avastin an easy infusion with little or no side effects. It all comes down to the fact that everyone is different and I don't think there's anyway to tell in advance what the reaction or side effects will be.


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Hello! I've been on Avastin/Tarceva since 06. In the past month the side effects have gotten worse. Bad headaches and dizziness are from Avastin so we are spacing out treatments. Instead of every 3 wks now every 6wks. The MRI's show no brain tumors. The nsclc has stopped growing. All other treatments are more sever. I think I'll keep taking this till it doesn't work any more.

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