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  1. Hi Michelle , I've been taking Tarceva since 06. I started out 150's after a year went to 100's everyother day because of the side effects .I stayed stabled till acouple months ago now cavatation is happening something new but I'm still fighting . I use Lindi skin care face serum for the dryness and rash WWW.LINDISKIN.COM . It helps me but I know it don't help everyone. I'm sorry for your mother but tell her to hang in there. Dannie
  2. Its been awhile since my last visit. I was doing o.k. but in the past month its went down hill alittle. I have had pneumonia still taking breathing treatments of Xopenex for that. My last C.T. shows a form of cavatation increasing but still taking Avastin . The last blood work shows my liver count is up so not taking Tarceva for now. Tomorrow doing more blood work to see if that helps. and on a personal note my marriage is on the rocks because of all the stress of this CANCER. Right now life kinda sucks for me!! Sorry for the pitty party but I figure there is someone out there that understands. Dannie
  3. There are many things that I do to calm down and relax like: watch a good movie(even one I've seen a hundred times): a glass of wine: go outside by myself in the swing: talk to a good friend that just listens to my complants: go shopping just for me: what I think helps alot is talking to everyone here that understands more than anyone!! Dannie
  4. Hi Carole, I tried acupuncture once. On the advice of friends. As I was laying there cold with all those needles all over I realized something THIS WAS NOT FOR ME!!!! You are suppose to enjoy it and relax but it totaly terrified me. I'm a BIG BABY when it comes to needles!!!! I'm not doing that again unless my Onc says that I have to do it. I hope that it helps others that isn't such a big baby. Dannie
  5. Thanks for the tips!! I heard from my onc. today they're going to try Ritalin under depression and confusion not fatigue. My nurse says its all in the wording of appeals. I don't care how they word it as long as its pays because all I know is that it helps me with fatigue. I know Ritalin and Adderall is used the same but do they get the same results?? Thanks for listening !! Fighting cancer is hard to do anyway you look at it. Dannnie
  6. I had to quit working in Sept. 07 . I was on FMLA at my factory and it ran out so they recommended that I start SSD or I would get fired for missing. I felt that if I ever quit that the cancer has won but being off has put a different light on things. Eventhough I miss everybody there because they gave me such huge support I love knowing what time I have left ( 50 yrs I hope) is with my family and doing what I want to do. In my mind I'm still in control not the cancer. That probably sounds crazy but it gets me through the day. Dannie
  7. Hi Ellie I know when I was taking that chemo I used plastic silverware, never drinked out of cans and cream of chicken, tea , jello & my T.V. was my whole day. Just hang there chemo is rough but just like everyone here you are stronger than it !!!
  8. I 've been taking Adderall for fatigue. It seems to be working alittle but the bad news is my insurance doesn't cover it because it isn't FDA approved for cancer. Its just for A ADHD . Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it approved. dannie
  9. I really don't know what to say except THANK YOU! Those words really hit home and put a smile on my face. I'm thinking positive thoughts today!
  10. I thought I was losing my mind this morning. when I woke up the house was shaking. I thought maybe we was having a storm but when I looked outside everything was still. Great this chemo is making me see things!! I turned on the news they reported EARTHQUAKE! OBOY I wasn't crazy. We don't have earthquakes around here in Ky. Did anyone else feel it?? Shaken but still standing Dannie
  11. Thanks for the article. He's my onc. We'll have something to talk about besides me. Its a shame that lung cancer don't have the same respect that other cancers has!! Maybe someday, with sites likes this it will happen.
  12. I'm so sorry for your sis. I would look into a second opinion. With me the first onc said he didn't see anything on the ct's. I wasn't satisfided so I went to a cancer clinic. There they said it was in both lungs and didn't know how the previous onc missed it. You have to have faith in your onc because you have to much other stuff to worry about. Thats just my opinion. Hang in there!!
  13. We have a family tradition that has been going on for generations. When the corn crops come in the whole family gets together and starts a assembly line. The men picks the corn in wooden baskets and takes them to the cousins (7- 14 yr olds). They shuck and get the silks off. Meanwhile grandma's are getting the jars ready for cannning. Moms and aunts are setting in there iron chairs with knives cutting the corn off the comb. Now picture it, Men covered with dirt and corn stalks, kids covered with shucks, moms covered with corn from head to toe and grandma's covered with sweat. There's nothing modern here just wooden baskets, wash tubs, old wooden knives, canning jars and a whole lot of love. Thats the best sweet corn ever made. I love memories!!!!
  14. Hi everybody, I've been looking for awhile. I haven't read anything about what to say to family if they will not listen to your wants if the worst should happen. I know to keep a positive outlook on this but I would feel better if they knew how to do the little things I do like were to go for parent teacher conferences, where the Ins. policys are and how to pay house bills online. Everytime I bring the subject up they say let's don't talk about it because it's not going to happen. By the grace of God I hope it doesn't but I want them to be prepared. How do I get them to talk??? Dannie
  15. Linda, Been there and done that. Some days I feel sorry for myself and cry. Then I go do something just for me which usally means grabbing the checkbook and going to town. That always puts a smile back on my face. Hang in there.
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