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He would of loved today!


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Superbowl Sunday! ...last years' Superbowl, Carlton was in the hospital, he so wanted hot wings, so I made them, as close to the way he made them and took the girls and went up to the hospital to watch the game together.

He wasn't much into the game, neither was I, the Patriots weren't there....so it was easy to lose focus. I think Carlton was just glad to have us there. He still was a little unsteady on his feet, but was walking....me not to far behind or beside him.

But today!...hell..all of this Football season!! The Pat 18 and 0!.....oh how we loved to watch the games together on TV, just him and I...hoopin' and hollarin' giving each other high fives for the TO's!!

Carlton would of LOVED! to watch the Patriots this year!....as much as I've so enjoyed this football season and in a few minutes going to watch the BIG game....there still is this sadness of him not being here....sitting with me..eating his hot wings...drinking a beer....cheering on the Pats!...

Good luck Patriots!

*** Hey Carlton ---- I hope you're watching!!

(luv ya babe!!)


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sittin next to Deb and she would love to share some wings and a beer or 6 with Carlton. I know how ya feel and hope the Pats whoop some Booty on NY for Carltona d Deb also...

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