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Didn't know where to put this so it's here.

I've only been on the site a short time but I soon felt it can't be all about me. I've been trying lately to "catch" someone reaching out and adding my voice to the positive energy the long-timers pour in the direction of someone in need.

I watched an old 20/20 on happiness yesterday and was reminded of the genetic component of optomism. I've been running a little against my tendency lately, bemoaning a three-day or week bout of nausea vs a one or two. My daughter who is an oncology nurse often calls me to task reminding me of people who upchuck constantly after chemo or can't eat because of blisters in their mouth (I have only mild mouth discomfort). I decided to try adding to the just for fun board to recapture my natural spirit of optomism. I know I am just scared and am hoping reaching out to others and using humor to get through the rough spots in life as I always have will help bring me back to my center.

Judy in Key West

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Judy, the Inspirational forum is a GREAT place for a post like this! Reaching out to others with a similar affliction is not only helpful to the "reachee," it's therapeutic for the "reacher" as well. Helps us get out of ourselves, connect with others, and see life in a larger perspective. That positive, healing energy we're directing toward others is flowing through us too! :D



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