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cancer with diabetes...


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my dad had broke his hip in Dec... he dislocated it late thurs night... he has been in the hospital till yesterday... hes home now but with a new Dx...possible Diabetes... they want me to keep him on a Diabetic diet and monitor his sugar 4x a day.

needless to say hes not happy and openly defiant... first thing he did was grab a beer when he came in.

how many of you have or have developed Diabetes along with Cancer... and how do you maintain calories when you are skinny as a rail an dont eat enough as it is? this is real conflicting.

I know that his beer and candy are just empty calories that do nothing nutricinally but when the man wont eat but half of what you put in front of him then asks for his ice cream what can you do...

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My mom was diabetic before her diagnosis and it was not under the best control....I think the cancer made her see more docs and get it under control and realize the importance.

I will be honest, she doesn't really follow a diabetic diet or she would starve. I am not advocating cake and cookies for diabetics, I am just saying in my mom's case, 4 years NED, it hasn't played a part. She would get so nauseous and still does, she does better with carby products. She does monitor and take her meds and sees her endocronologist.

Whether her diabetes or chemo or both played a part in her needing a triple bypass, we stil think it was more chemo b/c her heart was thoroughly tested before chemo started and it was good.

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Sorry about this new wrinkle for your Dad. I'd ask Dr. West at Onctalk.com about his thoughts on diet, diabetes, and cancer.

My friend who had SCLC, was a medicated diabetic before diagnosis. Following chest and brain radiation, while on steroids, her blood sugar shot up. She was so afraid of the high numbers that she virtually stopped eating anything with carbs. Her weight plummeted (30+ lbs) very fast. We kept telling her that there was a reason for her sugar to be so high in connection with treatment, but she wouldn't listen and wouldn't talk to the doctor.

My husband, on the other hand, was told on the 4th day of his one hospital stay, that they wanted him to stay another day because he had also developed diabetes. He said "nuts to this" and demanded to go home. It was never spoken of again. There you have it. I think my husband was like your Dad.

Good luck with that one. :)


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