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Heading home


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Well Mardi Gras is over. It was a lot of fun but very tiring. I have a few days to rest then I will be heading home. I will miss my family but I so look forward to being in my own home with my own things.

My daughter in law is doing well. She has had a few problems sense surgery but is on the mend. Good news is my granddaughter will be here in a few days to help babysit her sister's baby. Bad news is her husband will be leaving in a few days for Afghanstan. That is why she will be comming home.

I am hoping she will get here day or two early but don't really count on it. I will probably miss seeing her and Caroline again by only a few hours. I am scheduled to leave here Monday at 1:30 in the afternoon. It will be a long week stopping in Bakersfield again for a few day on the way. I should be home Saturday the 16th. I'll post an update. There are a lot of emotions going on and I need to share them with my other family here.

At least I will be in Bakersfield for Valentines day. I hope that will keep me from thinking about it. Had Johnny and I had a chance we would have married on Valentines day 5 years ago.

Well until I get home this is all for now. I am looking forward to a big family bar b que for my birthday on Sunday and then going home.

Love and prayers for all of you. Lillian

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