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A Short Love Story

Connie B

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A Short Love Story

A man and a woman who had never met before, and were

both married to other people, found themselves assigned to the same sleeping room on a Trans-continental train. Though initially embarrassed and uneasy over sharing a room, they were both very tired and fell asleep quickly..... He in the upper bunk and she in the lower.

At 1:00 AM, the man leaned down and gently woke the

woman saying, 'Ma'am, I'm sorry to bother you, but

would you be willing to reach into the closet to get

me a second blanket? I'm awfully cold.' 'I have a

better idea,' she replied. 'Just for tonight, let's

pretend that we're married.' 'Wow! That's a great

idea!' he exclaimed.

'Good,' she replied. 'Get your own blanket!'

After a moment of silence, he farted.

The End

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