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I talked to Lilly (ursol) today!

Connie B

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Hey Friends,

Just wanted to share with you that I talked to Lilly on the phone today! :D:D She sounded WONDERFUL, but I know she's not feeling that WONDERFUL!! :( She REALLY had a BUMPY ROAD to travel. She is MORE then an inspiration she's what FIGHTERS are made of! :wink::wink: The good Lord has decided she's needed here on earth and boy am I glad he decided that!

She has a long recovery ahead of her, but each day she will take that baby step to healing and getting better. HOORAY!! I told her I would call her next week and check in, she said she would like that and I will give you and update then, if she doesn't get on the computer first. It's not easy for her to get to her computer, but I'm sure she'll try. :wink:

Still Keeping Lilly in my Prayers.

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Lilly is one heck of a fighter AND survivor for sure. She's been through more than lots of us have, and she so deserves to catch a break, ya know? I hope this turns out to be just a bad memory for her in not too long a time. I guess I was under the impression that this adrenal surgery was a common type surgery with not much risk involved. I know ALL surgeries have risks, and this just goes to prove that.

Glad you will be keeping tabs on her, Connie. You will be able to be a great support to her having heart issues in common now too.

Thanks for always looking out for us 'survivors1'. The more I think about it, the more I just gotta say that we are ALL pretty awesome :wink: !


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Thank you for the information on Lilly Connie. She truly is a fighter and so are YOU! If you talk to her before she gets back on line please let her know that she is in my prayers and to keep on keeping on.


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