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Temper tantrum


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I've never posted here, except to try and make someone else feel better, which I'm not very good at doing.

When I found out this morning, about Liz, I wanted to throw myself on the floor, kicking and screaming at how completely and totally unfair her passing away is.

It's just NOT right.

She was so unselfish. She was fun. I didn't ever talk to her when she wasn't trying to be upbeat. She took time out of her day to go visit my husband when he was sick. She invited us to lunch. She was looking forward to the picnic we were planning.

WHY HER???? Why not some "bad" person? Lord knows there are plenty of them to choose from.

I don't get it, and it makes me very angry.

I can't think of her without my eyes welling up with tears. It's so unfair.

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I can't think of her without my eyes welling up with tears.

That in itself speaks volumes about the love we have for each other here and the compassion shown. I can relate completely to this and I get it. I have been in that mode also! BUT the memories and the thoughts and the love and the compassion are sometimes the mosst wonderful things to remember peopple by. Not the darkness and the pain and suffering and all teh bad days.

Hope this makes sense. Kind of a rambling response but I hope it helps somewhat!

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Nova, I know you had a special relationship with Liz. I actually remember the post when she talked about coming to visit Harry in the hospital. I remember how I thought that was such a beautiful thing to do. I know she was blessed to have you and Harry in her life too.

I had a long-distance connection. I always felt like she was a female version of Bill! We corresponded some, and I had such a longing to hop on an airplane and spend time with her. She was that kind of person who could draw you in, even if you didn't meet in person. I loved reading her blog. She went out of her way for others. She "walked" her faith. She was a light in the truest sense.

She will be deeply missed.

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Just a warning that this message may be all over the place, as that is where my emotions lie. In addition to speaking with Liz's Mom last night about Liz and the details of her final hours and days, she told me of the family learning of Liz's father's official diagnosis of cancer yesterday. Talk about heart ache. I have cried buckets for me, us, them today.

Today is also what would be my sister, Trudy's, 44th birthday. She went to heaven 3 1/2 months ago and we are still realing from that big surprise. She was only sick for 12 weeks. After I met Liz, she sent Trudy to all of you where she found 6 weeks of comfort. As I have said before, I am forever grateful to Liz and all of you. It does not seem right to have to bury your precious little sister. In fact, it's an outrage. It was all so shocking. We thought she was doing well - at least that is what we were told. Then she got up one evening and suddenly bled to death. She obviously knew somethng terrible was happening because she dialed 911, unlocked her door, and collapsed into the loving arms of God right there. Oh, my sweet baby girl. My only consolation for Trudy and Liz is that cancer did not have the last word - Love did. For although I weep and my heart aches, their deaths were ultimately merciful for them. Very little pain and the ending was fast for them.

When I last visited Liz, I asked her if she knew what her name, Elizabeth, means. She didn't. I told her that it means, 'God's promise.' I explained to Liz that she showed all of us God's promise of love. Now it was her turn to receive that promise of love for herself. I told her that I prayed God would send the most gentle and loving angels to escort such a gentle and loving woman to Him. She told me that she was afraid of the pain and afraid she would linger. I told her that it would be my most fervent prayer that neither of those things happen to such a loving person. She said that it is also her most fervent prayer. I also reminded her that cancer does not have the last word. Once again, love does.

Now, in the midst of all of this sadness - as I/ we work to recover and rebuild, I pray that our actions in this endeavor reflect the very best of what Liz, Trudy, and all of our loved ones who have gone before us have given us. What a way to honor them - even though we stumble right now. Love and prayers for all of us....

"Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand." ~Emily Kimbrough

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What a beautiful tribute to Liz, to Trudy and to the support we find together here at the LCSC. I'll never understand why this stupid disease has to be so powerful, but I will be forever grateful to everyone here for providing a safe place where we might share all the ups and downs of the journey.



It's not fair and its not right.


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I don't know why her...or why anyone has to go thru this or lose their life to this...

It IS unfair.

My heart breaks with each new member. And with every loss, a scar is left behind.

I am praying for Liz's family and all of those she touched who will miss her greatly.

I was shocked to read of her passing too.



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