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Hi! I'm Cristy and I just joined...


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...and I'd really appreciate any help I can get. My boyfriend of 3 years was diagnosed in early November 2007 with small cell cancer. We were told he had 6-10 "spots" on his brain and a spot on his pancreas. His treatment has been chemo but his onc wants to radiate the brain. He is on his 6th round and will go for a follow up PET scan and MRI on the brain in 2 weeks.

He's doing great! The treatment is working and we were told the 6-10 spots had reduced to 1 and the pancreas spot had all but disappeared. The area on his lung had gone from 5 mml to 3 mml.

He's cut down from 2 packs to 5 cigarettes a day...but can't totally quit yet.

He isn't eating anything special. Doesn't take vitamins or drink any special drinks. He's been clean and sober for 5 years.

He lives with his elderly father and I live in a townhouse that I own. We always talked about moving in together...sometime...and maybe getting married...some day. We thought we had all this time.

Don't get me wrong. We are thinking positive...he's doing really well with the treatment...his weight is up. We go to the health club and workout and he's lifting weights like he did before he got sick.

I'm having a hard time with it lately though. It's hard to think of the future without him. He's going to be 52 this year and he says he is going to make it to be 55. I just turned 48 and I told him he has to make it to see me turn 50. He says that's two more years...he can do that! :)

Any words of advice anyone can give me...I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you!

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Hi Cristy and welcome~

I am sorry you and your boyfriend are in need of a site such as this one but I am so glad you have joined us.

Although I cannot offer you any great advice, it does sound as if the treatments are working well for your boyfriend. There are so many wonderful people here on this site that will be along to offer you lots of great advice, information and support.

Please keep us informed and let us know how we can help.



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Hi, Cristy, welcome to the group!

I think you and your boyfriend have a great chance of meeting your goal, and then some. I'm on the other side of the fence, NON-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), but we have plenty of folks here with SCLC who are doing very well. You should hear from some of them shortly, but in the meantime you might want to read some of their "profiles." Here's what I suggest:

Click on the "Search" link up in the purple banner, type "SCLC" in the top search box, near the bottom of the screen change "Display results as" to "Posts," change "Return first" to "All available," and hit the "Search" button. You'll get a huge number of posts (the most recent ones at the top) which mention SCLC in the body of the message. To view a member's diagnosis/treatment/status profile, you'll need to click the "Subject" link at the top of that member's message. If you do that with the RIGHT mouse button and select "Open in new window" (or "Open in new tab" for Firefox), when you're through reading the profile you can close the new window and be back at your list without losing your place.

Best wishes and Aloha,


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