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HI all,

Wasn't sure where to post this.Tomorrow is my last day of chemo for now.The VA isn't paying for this,since I chose to have it done locally,so I am using Medicare.I am on disability income and there is very little left after Mortgage etc.That 20% that is my debt,will be almost impossible to pay.Is there another program I can use to help me pay the difference?

Thank you


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Hi Bob,

First I want to mention to you that I have sent you a PM (Private Message) To read that message go to the TOP of any page and click on (MY MAIL) Then click on the message I sent to you. :wink:

I would suggest maybe asking the Clinic, or Hospital you are dealing with to talk to a Social Worker and see if they can point you in the right direction. Social Workers are very helpful in these issues.

Is the VA hospital or clinic far from you that your not useing them for your treatments? The treatments are pertty standard and I have had some of my Lung Cancer members here in Minnesota that went to the VA because of cost issues. You might want to look into that. The VA will give you the same chemo that your getting now!

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Bob, my Mom started her treatments BEFORE her Medicare kicked in (she was slack about signing up). I contacted the billing office for the clinic directly because we had a bad social worker. Their guidelines were much more lenient for assistance than Medicaid was so she qualified for total assistance on the medical treatments while she was denied Medicaid. The radiation, however, wrote off a large chunk and we set up payments for the rest. I agree with Connie to definately contact the social worker at your clinic and apply, apply, apply for any and all help.

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