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Another new one, unfortunatley...


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This is an amazing website and I am grateful I found it. Posted yesterday in the Caregiver message board, guess I should have come here first. My spouse was diagnosed Jan 23 with StageIII lung cancer. He got sick around the end of November, the holiday season was coming fast and unfortunately he started getting worse, wanted him to get to the doctor, his doctor of course at that time was on holiday, on Jan 4th I finally convinced to go to a walkin clinic, doc gave him anti-botics for what they thought may be bronchitis. They helped a bit but not much. His doctor was finally back on January 8 and he got an appt for that day. Chest x-ray showed a spot, CT scan the following Thursday showed a 5"x7" tumor on his right lung. January 23rd he had a scope done and was diagnosed. We were told he would have 7 weeks of radiation along with chemo for 4 weeks every 4 weeks. Both were to start Feb 25th, he was really bad by then, I really don't know how his body, heart could take all the coughing, it's breaks your heart to hear. He was in the chemo chair for 2 hours getting ready to get started when they pulled him out of the chair, he had a CT scan done the previous Thurs and along with the chest xray they had done that morning and they did not like what they saw, things had gotten worse, they said he would not be able to take both together could possibly kill him, we were told he was now treatable but not curable. They did, Thank God, start radiation that day, they did 12 straight days and it is amazing what it has done for him. He can breathe again! Where he was coughing 99% of the day and not getting any sleep, the coughing has subsided to 5% of the day and Lord can he sleep. We meet with chemo doctor this coming Monday at 8am and praying they do start that day.

It has been a nightmare, it has been a rollercoaster, it has been undescribable, but you all know that. But I am truly grateful that I can be there to get him thru this. Thanks for listening.

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Janette it is indeed a roller coaster and it's what we call 'the new normal' Your hubby and you have been through a lot, but keep the faith as stage 3 is indeed treatable. It's very positive that the radiation has helped and his coughing has reduced. Glad you found us but sorry you have to be here. Feel free to ask any questions, we're here to help.


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Hi there Janette from a fellow Canadian. I would simply not listen to the curable versus treatable. Read my signature below for my history and treatment. I am also stage 3b. There were some risks with me receiving chemo but I weighed them up and went for it. And I survived it quite nicely, and am now even back at work. Ask lots of questions of medical oncologist on Monday. Everyone's circumstances are different though. Feel free to send me a private message and I can explain more details on decision making for me. The first bit is tough...it does get better though. Take care

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Hi Janette-

Sorry you needed to find us but you will find a lot of support and information here.

So glad that the radiation has helped your husband. Hopefully he will continue to improve as the chemo starts.

Please don't listen to statistics and such. As you read profiles here, you will find that most of us have beaten those odds and then some.

As Sandra said, ask lots of questions, write some down before you go and then write down all your docs answers. I have kept a "bible" since day 1 with notes of every doc visit, scan, chemo appt, etc. It really does help a lot.

Feel free to ask us any questions you have, or come here if you need to vent. We understand and we will be here for you.

Patti B.

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