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Cancer Is


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By Lorene Lamboy

CONSIDERATION: of another's consequences

COORDINATION: of efforts from loved ones to be consoling

CARING: for an individual with a desire to do so.

ADMIRATION: of that special individual

ASTONISHMENT: for the way that person deals with illness

ASSESSMENT: of one's own condition and knowing the difference.

CONSEQUENCES: for the process of healing from the inside to outside

CONDITION: love is not conditional, it is most exceptional

COURTEOUS: calm, compassionate for the individual being cared for does make a difference.

EDUCATE: knowledge is the key, so that you have an understanding of the disease

EVALUATION: a person's own self worth helps with the healing process

EXCEPTIONAL: knowledge and understanding that everyday is an exception to the day before.

REALIZATION: knowing that you ill and finding way to overcome the illness

RESTORATION: of your mind, body and soul and the power to defeat this

REJOICING: the fact that you awoke to another day and saw the sunlight-is the reason to celebrate.

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