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Guest Rita Bubb

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Guest Rita Bubb

My name is Rita. Diag. nsclc 12/22/00. Upper left lobe removed 1/9/1. Stage one.

I am active locally to help with support groups. To see me, you would not know that I had ever had LC. I do some volunteer work and still work some as an RN, though I'll never take a regular position again.

Anyway, my husband is retired and we are enjoying our grandchildren. I took retirement after 22 years.

My biggest problem is the ongoing nerve pain that I have been left with. I have been told by a couple of Drs. that it is forever. Just warned against taking narcotics. I am seeing a pain spec. and am taking some medicines from him that are more helpful to this type of pain. ( He is one of those docs, and it seemed to hurt him to have to tell me that this was true, even though this means I'll be a customer for a long time.) I am having the nerves frozen again tomorrow. This takes alot of the edge off for awhile. I have tried alot of other therapies, and I work out and try to live healthy, etc.

This may be as good as it gets, but I wonder if anybody has had any different experience with nerve pain. Am also doing accupuncture with a medical doctor right now. Just have had 4 treatments. So far, I can't tell if it is helping. She is hopeful. I would like to at least decrease the meds at some point.

I also am an advocate for early screening. I was diagnosed by accident. Only had a chest film because I had broken my ankle and they did a chest XR before the surgery to fix it. I had no symptoms and no other reason to XR. They even followed it for 6 months after that with CTs!

Hi to everybody, and to all who have already responded to my other posts.

Really, I feel great most of the time. And I am not so afraid to speak out now about LC and cancer in general. Having had the cancer takes away alot of the fears of the little things. :wink:

Rita B.

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Welcome to our wonderful group. Almost 2-1/2 years and going strong is great.

We were told before my husbands surgery that there was a good chance he could be in pain the rest of his life. He has been very fortunate, other than the pain of surgery, he has had no pain.

The good news is that long term pain is finally getting the attention of the medical community and I understand many different treatments are being offered and tested. Really hope one of them works for you.

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