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I have noticed since Tom has started chemo (3 cycles of carbo/taxol so far) that he has been craving beer and ice cream. Not at the same time mind you or I would think that to a bit freaky. Anybody else had any crazy cravings during chemo?


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Is he doing chemo or is he pregnant? :wink:

Oh yes -- Tony had certain foods that he loved to extremes and some that he totally lost his taste for during chemo.

It's good that he is eating and keeping the pounds on, as they will come in handy. Weight maintenance was a biggie for us. I helped in my own way too. :shock: Now I have to lose all the weight I gained...


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Beer and ice cream I always crave those and I am not on chemo! :wink::lol: Can not rememeber any cravings Deb had like that though!

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