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Atypical Adenomatous Hyperplasia (AAH)

Yorktown Linda

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Saw the surgeon at Sloan-Kettering today and he said that a re-examination of my original pathology slides indicates that the smaller nodules are Atypical Adenomatous Hyperplasia (AAH) -- a precursor of adenocarcinoma and that the 2 bigger guys (2.5cm tumor removed last spring and a 1 cm tumor that I have now)are just little guys that got feisty.

I'm scheduled for a wedge resection on May 16th or earlier if they can arrange it. Dr. Flores said that basically they will just keep an eye on the other lesions for now and see if they start to grow. Chemo at this point is unlikely but not toatlly ruled out.

This is basically what Dr. West said on OncTalk.com and he's never seen me or my slides. What a smart man and how nice that he replied so quickly to my question. Thanks Ned for the referral!!

Sadly, I'm not a VATS candidate because of previous surgery -- scar tissue could be a problem -- but this surgery and recovery should be easier than the last one.

The surgery fellow -- don't remember his name-- said that if you have to have lung cancer mine was the type to have. The tumors tend to grow slowly, if at all, and can generally just be removed as needed.

So I guess I'm as lucky as I can be and still be a part of this group.


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