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what is happening

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can you get into ER by chance!? Yellowing sounds serious and dehydratioin is not fun. Could be causes of anything but stay after the doctors and consider the ER to at least get medical attention until you get a doctor appointment.

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her skin doesnt look like its yellow that much now its just her being sick also she in pain with her leg and its gone down to her ankle now we have only sunday to go now and then hopefully doctors shouold ring she says she doesnt want to go doctors untill she gets her results she really scared im trying to be strong for her but im scared to

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I know how scared you and your mom are. But please do not jump to any conclusions until you find out the test results.

There have been many on here just like you that found out it was not LC but sonething else. So please try to relax.

Keep us posted and know that we are always here for you 24/7.


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