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Denise, If you go to Search on the top of any page and type in HICCUPS at the top right of the search page where it says:

Search for any terms or use query as entered

You will get Ton's of past messages regarding members with Hiccups. It's all there all kinds of them. :wink: This has been talked about a LOT over the years on LCSC. You'll find some good tips reading over some of them. Even idea's to help stop the hiccups.

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A simple thing you could try. Have your husband put an index finger in each ear. You hold a glass of water to his lips and have him drink as long as he can without stopping while he continues to plug his ears. It works every time for my family and I've used it as a kind of "majic trick" for clients with the hiccups in my office when I was a counselor.

Judy in Key West

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Mine are just like Katie's dad's were. They start in the middle of the night following my chemo and then it's off and on for at least a day. Sometimes it goes for a couple days but gets sporadic after the first two.

It's new to me this time around. Didn't get them in 2003.

Probably my new meds.


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