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Blood clots I'm terrified


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So my mom's chemo was going so incredibly well there is even still shrinkage. But she developed a blood clot in the lung and in the upper atrium plus pnemonia.What is happening? Is this the end of the road for her? They are treating her with antibiotics steroids and blood thinner. Do these tend to rupture will she have a stroke? Has anyone ever lived through this?

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Unfortunately, blood clots are somewhat common with this disease. The good news is they found it and she is getting treated. I am sure they are watching things closely and they will get it resolved. Many members here have had blood clots and recovered.... take a deep breath.

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Hi Paperback,

My mom developed blood clots after her first chemo-let me state, I am not saying the chemo caused the clots, I'm just saying that was when they developed/diagnosed. She had been complaining of a pain when she breathed deeply or coughed about a little over a week after her treatment.

Her oncologist, whom she had an appt with anyway for bloodwork, noted my mom's symptoms, an immediately did a scan or xray and saw not one, but two blood clots; one in each lung. When she got to the hospital they found another blood clot in her leg.

It's true unfortunately, that blood clots is one of the effects of this disease. But the bigger issue was the treatment, blood thinners, for patients, like my mom, who brain mets.

Blood thinners can sometimes cause problems for a patient with brain mets. Thank goodness that complication is not a problem with my mom.

In our case, we had to weigh the potential damage from blood clots travelling or the possible damage from the treatment(blood thinners) and the brain mets. Again, unfortunately, I am learning, this disease will sometimes have you make decisions that seem like a rock and a hard place.

The immediate issue for us right now is my mom's chemo had to be delayed while she is hospitalized. Hopefully they will start again very soon.

Paperback, I have only been on this journey about four months and I am taking a guess that you and you mom and family have not been in this too long either. I have found everything concerning my mom has me either angry at this disease or ready to cry, or something... The only thing I know is I Have faith!!! and my mom and I are and will enjoy every day...

Stay strong and positive!! You and your mom, like my mom and I, have many many more great memories to create... Have faith!!


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Yeah they basically gave us a choice as well. Weigh the risk of the clot rupturing and causing a stroke or the risk of the blood thinner and hemoraging. My mom had a brain met but it was surgically removed months ago. I just hope that she is not in an extremely dangerous place right now and if she is I don't want to sugar coat it and pretend everything is fine. Can someone who has had this please let me know how you got through it how long it took etc. or if this is eventually fatal please tell me your experience.

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Hi, paperback.

15% of all cancer patients (regardless of the type of cancer) are afflicted with blood clots.

I developed a pulmonary embolism (which infarcted) in my "good lung" in 03/07 and was immediately hospitalized and placed on heparin. I was fortunate in that it did not reach my heart or block any veins or arteries and before my release was placed on Lovenox (a blood thinner). I have been giving myself daily injections ever since (initially rather nerve-wracking and depressing, but I adjusted to it rather quickly).

My doctor would have switched me to warfarin (Coumadin) by now except that I am now on Tarceva for which warfarin is contraindicated.

Sorry your mom has had to experience this, but the good news is that if one survives the first one, there aren't likely to be follow ups so long as one stays on medication.


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They found a clot in my mom's lung during chemo. They installed a a filter in her groin to try to catch further clots and she will be on coumidin (blood thinner) for the rest of her life. But otherwse it had no effect on her.

Keep us posted!

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Like the others here, I can also vouch for life after blood clots. In fact, pulmonary embolisms was how my lc got diagnosed -- I passed out twice while walking my dog, my cardiologist ordered a chest CT scan, and I was admitted immediately and diagnosed (NSCLC Stage 4 adenocarcinoma) within 24 hours. They also inserted a vena cava filter to catch future clots within an hour of the CT scan. That was back in December. In the hospital I was on Heparin and at home I give myself two injections a day of Lovenox. Annoying but no big deal. And, of course, I hadn't had any chemo at that time. (Still haven't had any and don't expect to.)

Good luck to you and your mom.

Ellen in PA

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My husband two years after his upper right lung was removed developed shortness of breath not the usual asthma that he has had all his life. His pulmonary doc for a month insisted it was asthma. The doctors nurse when Gary wanted to see the doctor for the 4th time in 6 weeks heard how bad he sounded. The doctor then said what we already knew that it was not asthma and sent him to the er. It turned out he had many clots in both lungs. He has been on coumadin for 1 year and his inr is within a normal range. They do not know what caused it.


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