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A well considered decision


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As I told Dr West, I'm like a dog with a bone trying to get as much info as I can about my unusual cancer and unusual remission. I've been trying to make a decision relative to my Avastin maintenance. Recently I've explored, than to being pointed in the right direction by Dr West, the ideas of micrometastisis and precocious mets. When I met with my onc yesterday, she o.k.'d an adjustment to my infusions in late June and early July to accommodate a trip I'm taking. I told her that later I was going to want a longer break. I was really really proud of myself when she said we could go six weeks (vs three) and I told her that come Thankgiving/Christmas if I'd had a couple of clear scans, I was going to want to take a break longer than six weeks. She said that under those conditions come Fall she'd be o.k. with that! Wow, I coiuldn't be happier.

My oncologist response was almost identical to Dr West--there comes a time when the side-effects have to be weighed against the benefits. Dr West added that in my kinds of situation with Avastin maintenance, there is no right or wrong decision as long as it is carefully considered.

I have to admit though, when my travel and my onc's travel required adjustment in the date of the next CT scan and she said calmly, we can do it in August, I got a little panicky. I explained to her the concept of scananxiety here at the site. We're panicky if they order them too soon and panicky if we think they don't order them soon enough. She's so cool--she wrote me a script for a chest x-ray that I can use or not in between if I get worried I'm not o.k.! That would reassure me relative to possible fluid build-up.

All in all, a good visit.

Judy in Key West

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That does sound great. Sounds like you are an "excellent patient" and are advocating for yourself appropriately. Sounds like you have a great doctor/patient relationship and that is so important through all of this. Continued best wishes.

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